Practice Areas


Estate Planning & Probate

Death is an uncomfortable issue for anyone to grapple with. Often, we avoid the topic because of that discomfort. The choice, however, isn’t between arranging our affairs or not. It’s a choice between ensuring our final arrangements are set up by us according to our preferences or by others, be they loved ones or strangers.

A comprehensive estate plan will ensure your final days are lived in the manner you choose and that your loved ones enjoy the legacy you worked to build in the manner you choose.

With our help, we can ensure your end-of-life choices are honored through the following services:
  • Advanced Directives, Living Wills, and related instruments
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Last Will & Testament drafting
  • Trusts (both creation and administration)
  • Probate Services

Family Law

No one enjoys speaking to an attorney when relationships break down or emergencies occur. Unfortunately, several issues can arise if one attempts to resolve these matters without a skilled advisor and advocate. This firm offers the following services:

Marriage Services
  • Prenuptial Agreements & General Advising
  • Antenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce Proceedings
Child-Related Services
  • Child Support Counseling
  • Child Support Modification
  • Emergency Child Custody Proceedings
  • Guardianship Advising
  • Proceeding Representation


Social Security & Disability

Despite our best efforts, we cannot always provide for ourselves and must rely on government programs for assistance. These programs are often a tangle of complicated regulations, onerous application requirements, and confusing overlap between federal and state programs.

Our firm will help you with the following services:
  • Retirement & Social Security Advising
  • Social Security Disability Insurance Applications
  • Supplemental Security Income Applications
  • Special Needs Trusts & Related Services

Employment Civil Rights

Every employee is endowed with certain rights in the workplace. The most common are the right to receive a minimum hourly wage and overtime compensation. An employee also cannot be discriminated against in the workplace based on certain protected categories of attributes, such as one’s race or gender. This firm offers services to both employees and employers to ensure all workers are treated fairly and receive what they are entitled to by law.

Employer Services
  • Policy & Practices Review
  • Employee Handbook & Employment Policy Drafting
  • Employee Dispute Advising & Representation
Employee Services
  • Employment Rights Consultations
  • Dispute Representation

Business Services (Start-Up & Ongoing)

Starting and operating a small business is one of the most rewarding endeavors one can ever be involved with. There are, however, countless pitfalls and risks associated with going into business for oneself. Let us help you do things the right way with the following services:

Business Start-Ups
  • Consultation & Education on Business Law
  • Business Entity Formation
  • Taxation Consulting
  • Policy & Employee Resource Drafting
  • Non-Profit Organization Formation